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Acenorca S.C.L was founded in August 1982, beginning its activity in the production, packaging and marketing of table olives and extra virgin olive oil of the "Manzanilla Cacereña" variety.

Acenorca is a cooperative company that supplies the products of more than 4,000 associates, mostly olive growers, arriving today to collect about 15 million kilos of olives, destined 80% for table olives and 20% for production of oil, from which you get about 500,000 kg. of extra virgin olive oil, with 3 production factories.

Acenorca olive oils are highly valued in the most demanding markets thanks to the efforts of farmers, technology and production control.

The traditional culture of the area, preserves the practices of an inherited agriculture of antiquity and the "know-how" when practicing traditional agriculture, being its greatest exponent the production of Table Olives destined to traditional style dwellings, green and black rusty style, both in all types and formats.

From the Extra Virgin Olive Oil say that it is a masterful treasure of this variety of olive "La Manzanilla Cacereña", unique and exclusive in the area, which surprises the most exquisite palates.

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