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La Vera peppers, one of the star products of our Extremadura land, is the product resulting from the grinding of red peppers of the Ocal, Jaranda, Jariza, Jeromín, and Bola varieties. It is cultivated and elaborated in the region of La Vera, province of Cáceres, Spain. La Vera peppers is a product of smoked flavor and aroma due to the smoke drying process of peppers. Its coloration is red with relative brightness. It has a great coloring power, greater in the Ocales variety than in the Bola variety. The taste, aroma and color are stable given the slow dehydration process used in its preparation.

Three different types of peppers from La Vera, Sweet, Sweet and Sour and Spicy are distinguished by their flavor.

The peppers of the vera handmade and unique seasoning of its kind.

The cultivation of pepper for peppers is introduced in La Vera in the 16th century by the Jeronimos monks of the Monastery of Yuste.

Tradition and wisdom came together to cradle, from the infinite calm of the monastery, the most precious treasure that the Jeronimos could give to the senses.

The Extremadura variety is different from those in the rest of the world due to the process of artisanal smoked with oak wood. offers you the authentic peppers from la vera for your online purchase.

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